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    This is a list of fanlistings I'd love to run, no disrespect to the owners of these fanlistings. If you own any of these listings and you're trying to find a new owner, please drop me a line, I would really appreciate it :).



     - Most Wanted ..


Lions {Animals}

{ Lions* }

Tigers - {Animals}

{ Tigers* (x1) }

Dinosaurs - {Animals}

{ Dinosaurs }


The Lion King - {Animation}

{ The Lion King }


Adobe Photoshop - {Computer Miscellany and Internet}

{ Adobe Photoshop }


Johnny Depp - {Actors}

{ Johnny Depp }


Captain Jack Sparrow - {Characters: Book/Movie}

{ Capt. Jack Sparrow }


Art - {Arts and Design}

{ Art (x1) }


Avril Lavigne - {Musicians: Female}

{ Avril Lavigne }


LEO the zodiac sign

{ Leo }


Photography - {Arts and Design}

{ Photography }


Pizza - {Food/Drinks}

{ Pizza (x1) }


Dragons - {Mythology/Religion}

{ Dragons }


My Chemical Romance - {Movies}

{ Pirates of the Caribbean (x2) }


Wolves - {Animals}

{ Wolves }


Simple Plan - {Mythology/Religion}

{ Simple Plan* }





 - And here some (a lot) of other listings I would love to own.


{Actors}.. Robert DeNiro*


{Advertising/TV Channels} .. National Geographic Channel


{Albums} .. Fallen by Evanescence


{Animals}.. Animals

{Animals}.. Butterflies (x1){

{Animals}.. Big cats

{Animals}.. Cats & Kittens

{Animals}.. Sharks* (x1)


{Anime/Manga} .. Spirited Away


{Animation} .. The Lion King: Simba*


{Characters: Book/Movie} .. Boromir*


{Companies} .. McDonald's* (x1)


{Computer Miscellany and Internet}.. Fonts (x1)

{Computer Miscellany and Internet}.. Avatars

{Computer Miscellany and Internet}.. Design

{Computer Miscellany and Internet}.. Mp3s

{Computer Miscellany and Internet}.. Layouts*


{Food/Drinks} .. Chinese food*


{Games} .. Spyro the Dragon


{Hobbies and Recreation} ..  Rollercoasters* (x1)


{Movies} .. The Lord of The Rings*

{Movies} .. Movies*


{Musicians: Bands/Groups} .. Linkin Park

{Musicians: Bands/Groups}.. Painc! At The Disco (x2)

{Musicians: Bands/Groups}.. Good Charlotte

{Musicians: Bands/Groups}.. 30 Seconds to Mars (x1)

{Musicians: Male} .. Michael Jackson*

{Musicians: Male} .. Joel Madden

{Music Miscellany} .. Rock Music


{Nature} .. Rain

{Nature} .. Night


{Objects}.. Computers


{Websites} .. Google (x1)

{Websites} .. Wikipedia.org



 - Listing with (*) were kim'd.

 - (x#) how many time my apply were rejected.


 - Granted Wishes


    Jurassic Park    



{Musicians: Bands/Groups}

    My Chemical Romance   















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