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Owner: Meesho

Opened: 10 December 2007

Current: 21 fanlistings

Total members: 1806

Pending members: 2252

Latest Fanlisting: Lara Jade




26 September 2010

Hi everyone. ok, I know this is TOO long, but life is HARSH, I need more time to recover. <3 Hope everyone is ok ..


07 November 2009

Hi, I know that I didn't update the collective almost a year. I was really busy with my offline life and barely breath. Thank you. Here's the new affies I've added them recently: Oversaturation, The Isotope, Devoted, Velvet and Vampire Boi. <3



26 January 2009

Lately I've finished up of two fanlistings: who doesn't like Holidays! :D, and I think most of us saw or catch a look on Lara Jade gallery even by chance!, she's really an awesome photographer.


New affiliate added: Yummy Yummy Screw.



13 October 2008

Finally I finished my two approved fanlistings: Freaky Friday the movie and Solitaire the Microsoft game computer, who don't play it :-P!.


Latest affiliates added: Pulseless, Acoustic Volume, Deadexit, The Fanlists, Intuitive, Kandosii, Inspirationally, Addicted, Do Want, Addictive Collector, Desiderata, Fanaticada, Fragments of passion, Long Ago, Perfect Illusion, So Obsessive and Vintage Dreams <3.



15 August 2008

A new fanlisting is up now, all love for Cheetahs <3


New affiliates added: Anarya, Makes Me Wonder, Misty Morning, Soft Revolution, Feudal Fairytale, Cloud Shade, Girls Make Boys Cry, Your Juliet, Music Slave, Fan Freak, Flying Free, Only Yesterday and Kodo Ku, thanks all <3.



5 August 2008


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE fanlisting is up now :D. It's the most fanlisting I wished for!, now I've it :D, Thanks TFL.org ♥. Also, I've just finished my best friend ♥ Shifaa's fanlisting, she screamed out load when I gave her the link.. hehe.


New affiliate added: I Heart You <3.



26 July 2008


COOL! .. 3 of my wishes granted :D, MCR, Cheetahs and JURASSIC PARK, one of the best movie ever, it's a masterpiece!, Fan? so join!. The other two listings still in progress! B-).



5 July 2008


YAAAAAAAAY !! I've just get the approval email for MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!! OMG, I still can't believe it, THANKS TFL *dancing* .. you made my day :D.

And I've added a new fanlisting to the collective, love Bracelets? B-) .. go and join ^^.



26 May 2008


New listing have been added to the collective, it's for the punk rock band Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and known as RJA. Your Guardian Angel is the best song on their debut album, check it out by click here, I love it!. And new affiliate added, Snakes-and-dragons.org.



1 May 2008


The largest cat ever have just arrived B-D. I finished from my latest approved fanlisting, ♥  Ligers  ♥



17 April 2008


New fanlisting is up :) Guess what!! it's dedicated to my favorite cat ever!! the fanlisting for the king of jungle the "African Lions". I leos.



27 March 2008


A new fanlisting was added to the collective. It's for the third Simple Plan album, fan?



25 Faburury 2008


I finished from my fav charachter in Ica Age, Diego fanlisting. The list is ready, fan? go and join :).



13 Faburury 2008


Yay! I'm so glad that I owned Shayne Ward fanlisting, I've just finished it B-).



14 January 2008


A new fanlisting has joined to the collective, Food fanlisting. Nobody can live without food :-P // yammy :).



12 January 2008


My sweety friend Shafy have finished her collective Accio Addicts :).



31 December 2007


New affiliate added Louder Now :). ♥ Elvy.



21 December 2007


I've added the first affiliate Ensnaring the senses :). thanks Amanda.




16 December 2007


Hi! I've adopted Friends/Friendship fanlisting from my sweetie Anne, and actually I used her layout too, hehe. That's very generous of her Thanks Anny!



10 December 2007


Hello everyone


Finally, as you see I finished my own fanlisting collective!. yay :).











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